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Basia Świderska

Certificated Mindfulness Teacher
E-commerce Marketing Consultant, Social Media Ninja

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About Me

    • Certificated mindfulness teacher, but most of all, a dedicated mindfulness meditation practitioner, who is still learning, discovering and developing herself in every moment of her life.
    • Sharing the art of mindful living is her passion, which arises from her firm belief in the transforming potential of mindfulness she is experiencing on herself.
    • She teaches mindfulness through MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) training, which is the most popular mindfulness program in the world (its effectiveness has been confirmed by numerous studies).
    • She discovered mindfulness during her annual round the world trip which she made after many years of working in large corporations. The journey and meditation retreat made during the trip contributed to an amazing change in her life.
    • She shares her experience by regularly conducting MBSR trainings, workshops and mindfulness meetings.
    • She runs trainings in Polish and English.
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Areas of expertise

Her main area of expertise is mindfulness meditation in the following areas:

  • Relations
  • Communication
  • Work-life balance
  • Stress management
  • Job burnout
  • Leadership



  • Warsaw School of Economics graduate, MD in Management and Marketing.
  • She graduated from the MBSR Teachers’ Seminar run by the Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches based in Germany in cooperation with the Polish Mindfulness Institute, with which she also cooperates in the area of ​​mindfulness promotion in Poland.
  • She completed a specialist Formal Practice Program at the Polish Mindfulness Institute.
  • She regularly participates in meditation retreats, she also completed 21-day retreat in Vat Ram Poeng monastery in Thailand.
  • She constantly broadens her mindfulness knowledge and increases her business competences (public speaking, communication, leadership).


Style of Work

  • Focus and composure
  • Curiosity
  • Authenticity
  • Creating a space of acceptance



Passionate about discovering life as it is with the whole range of good and difficult moments. Enthusiast of travel experiences. Thanks to mindfulness, she is lucky to be a conscious and mindful mother.


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